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To be a single point of contact for Academia, Industry, and Entrepreneurs for Innovation, Technology development and transfer. To promote research and provide technological solutions to the needs of the society by networking with the academic, MSMEs and incubators.


To develop and nurture an ecosystem for the benefit of the scientific and industrial community. To promote the entrepreneurship culture and innovation potential in the faculty, students, and entrepreneurs by building networks, sharing knowledge, and support systems.


  • Create and augment an ecosystem to build a network between the faculty of UoH and other partner institutes and industrial partners to share the knowledge leading to technology development, transfer, and entrepreneurship.
  • Mapping the technology resources available in the University and the needs of the industry to develop and strengthen Industry-Academia partnership
  • Creating a platform for innovative research and entrepreneurship through awareness and training programs.
  • To serve as Advisors and patenting consultancy for IP protection and management services for technology transfer and commercialization.
  • Empower academic fraternity, potential entrepreneurs, and startup incubetees on business plan development, financial planning, commercialization, IP regulations, and market understanding through various seminars, workshops, and accelerator programs.


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